Answering Common Questions About Roof Damage And Repairs

Roofing damage is a common issue that can strike any house. Unfortunately, some people have a weak understanding of this part of their house, and this can lead to them failing to understand a couple of the more common issues that impact roofs. Due to this lack of knowledge and experience, there is a strong chance that you could benefit from learning the answers to the following questions about routine roofing issues. 

What Should Be Done For A Leaking Roof Vent?

You may have seen the numerous vents protruding from your roof, and you may understand these are essential for preventing moisture from accumulating in the attic. Unfortunately, it is possible for small gaps to form around the base of these vents, and this can allow rainwater to pour into your home during storms. These gaps are a product of the roof expanding and contracting in response to temperature fluctuations, and there is no real way to avoid this problem entirely. 

To minimize the risk of allowing this issue to cause major damage to your home, you should have the vents inspected on a yearly basis. When doing this inspection, you should perform a thorough visual inspection of the base of the vent to ensure that it is in contact with the roof. Also, you should attempt to gently rock the vent back and forth. If you notice it moving, this is a good indication that it has come loose, and you should have it inspected by a professional to ensure damage has not already started to form around it. 

How Does Hail Damage Your Roof?

Strong storms can damage your home in a variety of ways, but hail is one of the more common and misunderstood sources of damage. As a result, many homeowners may not appreciate the type of damage that hail can inflict to a roof. While it may be easy to tell that you have hail damage if there is a large hole in your roof, this is not the type of damage that homes most commonly encounter from these large pieces of ice. 

As the hailstones strike your roof, they will exert enough force to potentially loosen shingles or crack the wood of your roof. This type of damage will allow water to start seeping into the roof, which can lead to rotting or mold growth. These forms of damage can be extremely subtle, and due to this, you will need to have someone physically go onto your roof to confirm whether this damage has occurred. 

Repairing roof damage is something that you may not enjoy having done, but it is necessary for keeping your home in good condition and safe from damage. By understanding the threats posed by hail and why your air vents will start leaking, you can be prepared to have these issues repaired before they cause major complications for your home. Look into roof repair by Dave Merkley Roofing or another similar roofing contractor if you think your roof could use some help.