Design Elements To Consider Adding To Your Outdoor Deck

sundeck can be the perfect place to relax and soak up the sunshine as long as you take some time to personalize it to your needs and desires. Although a standard deck can provide a nice place to lounge and sunbathe, or simply to enjoy a light summer meal, the following ideas can help you kick your deck up a notch so you get maximum enjoyment.

Consider a tiered design 

One issue with a standard deck is that it is either open to sunlight or shaded. By opting for a tiered deck, you can have the upper tier open for sunbathing or other sunny day pursuits, and then have permanent shade structures installed on the lower tier for entertaining or relief from the midsummer heat. Tiered designs also provide more visual interest, since the eye will have different levels to focus upon.

Add pergolas

The use of pergolas that are built-in deck features provide an ornamental element. They also supply dappled shade to the areas of the deck that you want protected from direct sunlight. Use a pergola over the dining area or conversation area. You can also use the structure to support climbing plants, such as ivy or climbing roses. If you also need rain protection, consider installing sliding canvas to the underside of the pergola – you can quickly slide them open when you want some light in.

Install a hot tub

One way to enjoy a sundeck for three seasons is to install a hot tub. While a hot tub can sit on top of the deck, you end up with cleaner lines and a lower profile by sinking the hot tub into the deck. If you use a tiered design, the working parts of the hot tub can be accessed via the lower deck if you install the hot tub in the upper deck. You can even combine the hot tub with a pergola to add summer shade, or to string fairy lights from for a festive night use.

Don't overlook the railings

The railings are a necessary part of your deck for safety, but that is no reason for them to not also be attractive. Glass railings give you an unbroken view from the deck, making the space seem both more expansive and more open to nature. These railings are made from tempered shatter-proof glass, so they are perfectly safe. Wrought iron, either real or a faux version made from aluminum, is also an attractive way to add a touch of classic design to the space.