6 Practical Suggestions For A Commercial Renovation Project

While conducting commercial renovations, many people choose to focus on the fresh, fun, and flashy elements. Plenty of commercial renovation contractors, though, will tell you there's merit to thinking about more practical remodeling issues. Here are 6 practical concerns you may want to take care of during the renovation process.

Cleaning Up the Wiring

Not only does bad or poorly placed wiring create problems with getting power where you need it, but it can also pose a serious hazard. A clean wire location has lower fire risks. Also, good wiring work will make it simpler to track down issues in the future when repairs have to be done.

Energy Efficiency

Even if all you do is replace all the light fixtures with more efficient ones, you'll see a major dent in your electricity bill. Improvements in heating and cooling should also be discussed.

You may want to invest in a smart utility system, too. Having an automated system that turns the lights on a few minutes before you get there is very convenient and efficient.

Improving Traffic Flow

Even if your location is a small office with barely any staff, there's a lot to be said for making sure everyone can navigate it without falling over something. Think about where hallways can be widened. Look at ways to direct traffic through the location, especially if you're dealing with a high-volume business like a store. Even a simple analysis of the floor plans can go a long way toward bringing order to a commercial location.

Address Structural Problems

While you have the building completely stripped, you should consider fixing any structural issues the building has. Talk with the compliance office for your city or county to learn which problems are required to be addressed.

Use More Capacity

Lots of buildings are designed with some degree of underutilized capacity. There may be too many conference rooms or a limited emphasis on storage, for instance.

Talk with your staff members to learn what they don't like. Similarly, commercial renovation contractors will also be a great source of suggestions.


Another issue to discuss with your team members is how safely the business operates. For example, a restaurant should install an appropriately designed fire suppression system during renovations.

You'll also want to discuss compliance with certain safety and health regulations. This may include, for example, installing rails to comply with both OSHA and ADA standards.