Decorate Your New Deck For The Holidays

If you've just had a new deck built on your property, such as with the help of Alfa Decking & Floors, you probably want to take advantage of it and use it as much as possible. Don't let the chilly weather during the winter holidays keep you from enjoying your deck. Use these ideas as inspiration, and transform your deck into a beautiful display of holiday cheer.

Spiral wind lights around the railings.

With your deck well-lit with holiday lights, you'll be able to see should you decide to enjoy a warm mug of hot cocoa or cider outside. Take a strand of lights, and pass it over and under the top rail of your deck railings, creating a spiral-like pattern. Use lights approved for outdoor use, and remember not to attach more than three strands of lights in sequence so you don't blow a fuse.

Hang wreaths from the rail posts.

Count the rail posts on the border of your deck, and purchase a holiday wreath for each one. Hanging the wreaths is simple—just place the fence post through the hole in the middle of the wreath. If you want to create a cohesive holiday look, choose wreaths that are all the same. For a more free-spirited decorating scheme, have every family member pick out a different wreath or two to hang on the deck posts.

Display a real, snow-covered tree on your deck.

The green plastic trees covered in fake snow always look stunning in malls and public buildings. Imagine how beautiful a real snow-covered evergreen would look on your deck. Of course, this idea only works when there is snow on the holidays, but you can cross your fingers. It will still be pretty even without the snow.

Visit a local tree farm and cut down a fresh tree, which will be less of a fire hazard than a dry tree that was cut weeks ago. Place the tree in a tree stand on the corner of your deck, and then hang plastic, waterproof ornaments on it. If you want to decorate your outdoor tree with lights, make sure the ones you choose are approved for outdoor use so you don't have to worry if they get wet with snow.

You don't have to stop enjoying your deck just because it's chilly outside. When guests come to visit, have them enter from the deck. Keep the stairs well salted and snow-free so they don't slip. They'll be impressed by your decorating efforts, and everyone will instantly be in the holiday spirit.