Effective Ways To Maintain Your Furnace For The Winter

During the winter, your home's furnace provides heat, so you and your family can remain comfortable. It's important to maintain the furnace over the years, which you can do thanks to these steps: Clean/Replace the Filter The filter on your furnace is responsible for collecting particles to prevent them reaching your furnace. If the filter gets too dirty, your furnace may not work efficiently anymore. This is why it's vital to clean/replace the filter when it gets too dirty.

First Time Homeowner With A Bubble In Your Roof? Learn How To Remove It

If you are like many new homeowners, you were jumping for joy as you signed the closing papers on your home. However, one downside if you will eventually find yourself making repairs. The roof is one of the aspects that might need a simple repair occasionally to prevent bigger problems. For example, temperature changes can cause a bubble in one of your shingles. This guide explains how to fix this issue before water begins leaking in your home:

2 Fast, Cheap Ways To Insulate Your Pipes Before A Cold Snap Hits

If the forecast in your area has changed drastically, you may be facing a night below-freezing weather. To keep your pipes from freezing and bursting, try insulating them with one of these fast, inexpensive insulation methods. Wrap Your Pipes With Bubble Wrap The pockets between the bubbles in bubble wrap trap air, providing an insulated cushion between your pipes and the frigid air. You will also need two-inch wide plastic packing tape for this method.

Decorate Your New Deck For The Holidays

If you've just had a new deck built on your property, such as with the help of Alfa Decking & Floors, you probably want to take advantage of it and use it as much as possible. Don't let the chilly weather during the winter holidays keep you from enjoying your deck. Use these ideas as inspiration, and transform your deck into a beautiful display of holiday cheer. Spiral wind lights around the railings.