Radiant Heat Through A Cove Heater

You might not think that the position of your furnace makes all that much difference, but both in terms of productivity and safety, the position of your furnace is critically important. Many electric furnaces are positioned close to the floor of your home. Because they are positioned where the baseboards in your home are, they are known as baseboard heaters. If you use cove heaters, which are positioned close to the ceiling of your home, you can get better functionality than you could otherwise.

What's Wrong with a Baseboard Heater?

Baseboard heaters sit close the ground, so they can get in the way of furniture. If you put a piece of furniture right up against your heater, the furniture can block the heat before it can get out into a room and heat up the air in the room. Furthermore, the heating element in a baseboard heater will only heat up the air in your home. While heating up the air is good, there is a better way to heat your home. 

What Makes Cove Heaters so Much Better?

The first benefit of using a cove heater is that they are positioned near the ceiling. Thus, you can do whatever you want with your furniture without worrying about whether your heater will keep your home warm. Also, with your heater out of reach, you don't have to worry about small children and pets getting burned on your heater. Some people might ask at this point, "Doesn't heat rise?" The answer is that hot air rises, but heat can be directed. Thus, the heat generated at the ceiling of your room can travel throughout your room. 

The main advantage of the heat that comes from a cove heater is that it is similar to the heat that comes from the sun, so just like the sun will heat up objects, so too will the heat that comes from a cove heater. In this way, cove heaters will heat up the furniture in your room, and they then act like heat reservoirs which will help to keep your home warm even after your heater turns off. 

Baseboard heaters are used in homes more often than cove heaters, but this is only because they have been around longer. Once you learn about the advantages to using cove heaters in your home, you will see them as a better choice. When it comes to surviving the cold months of winter, it is good to have a quality heater in your home. Contact a company like Moore & Russell Heating Ltd for more information about cove heaters.