Air Not Working? 3 Things You Should Do Before Calling For Help

All appliances break down from time to time, and your air conditioning system is no exception. It might run constantly without cooling your house, freeze up, or refuse to kick on at all. When any of these things happen, your first inclination is to call a repairman. However, not all air conditioning malfunctions require professional intervention. If possible, you should try to fix the problem with one of these quick fixes before making the call. If none of these work, call your HVAC service provider. 

Change The Filter

If your air conditioner is not getting adequate air flow, it might not cool your house down. It may even freeze up and refuse to work at all. Most air-flow problems can be traced back to a clogged and dirty furnace filter. Not only can a clogged furnace filter cause these immediate, noticeable problems, it can also place unnecessary wear and tear on the components of your system, which will shorten the life of your unit. 

Before calling a repairman, check and replace your furnace filter. Allow the system to completely thaw out if you notice any signs of freezing. Restart your unit after all signs of frost and ice have disappeared. 

Flip A Switch

Air conditioning systems are equipped with safety switches that can get flipped from time to time. It's also possible for the power supply to your unit to become compromised. If your unit acts like it has no power, try flipping the circuit breaker that's responsible for the power supply to your unit. Also, check the safety switch on the outdoor unit as well as the power switch, which is usually located in the attic or near your unit.

Check The Thermostat

Check your thermostat to see if it has power - a blank display usually indicates absence of power. If it doesn't, replace the batteries or check the power supply to the thermostat. If you still don't have power, you might have to call a technician and have them come out to check your thermostat. In most cases, your air conditioner will not work if the thermostat is faulty. 

There are many simple fixes you can do yourself without the help of an HVAC specialist. Be sure to check for these common problems and correct them before calling your local heating and cooling company. If the problem is more in depth or requires opening the service panel, call for professional help (such as those from Confort Expert).