The Four Best Moving Tips That Will Save You Time And Energy

Let's face it: no one looks forward to the actual process of moving. From the heavy boxes to the simple fact that you have to pack up literally everything inside your home and put it on a truck, the process of making a move can be stressful and cost you valuable time, energy, and money. Additionally, the process isn't over when you arrive at your new home-- instead, you'll spend the next few weeks and months reversing the process by unpacking everything and putting it all away. While moving to a new location can be exciting, the living through the move can get stressful fast. Consider applying these four moving tips that will take the weight off your shoulders and help ease the move:

Use Colored Duct Tape

Instead of simply writing the location of a box on it's exterior, consider buying different colors of duct tape to write it on. Instead of having to read the label each time, you and your help can simply glance at the color and immediately know which room it belongs in-- pink in the kitchen, red in the bathroom, yellow in the bedroom, and so forth. You'll be surprised at how much color coding your boxes will help speed up the process!

Soap on Nail Holes

If you get done bringing in boxes and want to start working on putting up decorations right away, you might be interested in ways to get rid of nail holes left by previous owners. It may sound crazy, but if you brought along a bar of soap, you can easily fill any unsightly nail hole by simply rubbing white soap until it's full. It's cheap, easy, and most importantly-- the hole won't be recognizable!

Use Clear Bins

Instead of packing everything in cardboard boxes, take some of your most important items and pack them inside clear, easy to see through plastic bins. By putting things like pans for cooking, silverware, and plates inside bins like this, you won't need to open every single box labeled "kitchen" to find what you're looking for-- saving you valuable time and energy in the process.

Pack a Duffel Bag

This might seem like the most simple idea in the world, but it's one that most people never even consider in the midst of all of their moving preparations. What's worse than unloading and stacking the final box inside your new home only to discover that you have no idea where to find your toothbrush, pajamas, and other overnight stuff? Remembering in advance to pack a duffel bag with essential items (even a change of clothes for the next day) will ensure that you won't find yourself facing more frustration at the end of an already busy day.

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