FAQs Concerning Fuel Tank Rentals For The Oil Field Contractor

With drills, earth movers, and various fuel-powered equipment constantly on the go in the oil field where you are working, fuel levels in your machinery can drop really fast. It is not ideal to continuously haul the equipment back into town for refueling.The easiest way to make sure that your production levels are not affected by the lack of availability of fuel is to check out fuel tank rentals in your area.

Here are a few of the most common questions and concerns about renting a portable fuel tank in the oil field industry:

Will the tank have to have a solid surface for delivery?

It is a common misconception that a fuel tank will require a solid surface, such as concrete or pavement, for safe and stable setup. However, even though this would be ideal, it is not a necessity. A temporary stable surface can be created with a large sheet of metal or plywood. A solid surface of some form is required because of the skids on the base of the tank that would be prone to sinking in wet conditions. 

Who do you call when you need to have the tank refueled?

The rental companies that offer fuel tanks typically work with a specific fuel supplier. Therefore, it is best to contact the fuel tank rental company if you need a refill. In some cases, the tanks are safety rated by various fuel companies, and therefore, you will be allowed some flexibility to choose the company you wish to get your fuel from.

How long can you keep the tank?

When you have a tank delivered and set up on the property, you can keep it there for the duration of the job if you choose. The rental companies know that in the oil industry, jobs can last from just a few weeks to several months and the duration that you need the tank will not be an issue.

How do rental companies charge for fuel tank rental?

The rental company will charge you for the tank rental on a per-day, per-week, or per-project basis. This can depend on the length of the project you are facing and what you fuel needs will be while in the process.

When it comes down to it, fuel tank rental is a logical solution in many oil field settings. It is a good idea to talk to a rental company that specializes in oil field equipment before your next big project or contracted job about what is available. To learn more, contact a company like Grand Prairie Oilfield Rentals with any questions you have.