Add A Yoga Patio To Your Property This Weekend

If you want to construct a patio on your property to serve as a quiet yoga retreat, or simply a place where you can lounge and relax on this summer, there are some quick and easy ways to achieve this. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best approaches for your distinct terrain, as well as to consult on how much material will be needed to complete the job. Then, try the following ways to add a patio to your property this weekend:

Interlocking paving stone

The great thing about using interlocking paving stone is that you can create a smooth facade for your patio without the worry of weeds growing up between the paving stones. These types of patios also tend to be more durable and long-lasting, as they attach to one another to form a larger, more resilient surface. Talk with contractors or retailers like Santerra Stonecraft about implementing these convenient materials in your own yoga patio.

Concrete pavers

If you remove the grass and smooth out the surface of the ground to some extent, you can then lay concrete pavers down in the soil to form your patio. This is a quick and easy method. Some pavers may shift or move and require some repositioning and adjustments over time, so you may want to consider hiring a mason to have the pavers set in mortar for longevity. These are typically sold by the square foot for a reasonable cost in retail venues.

Sand and aggregate

Another simple solution, though it may be a bit rough if you plan to lie down and do yoga in the space, is to use sand and gravel. First clear the area where you want your patio, and dig up the soil about six inches or deeper; line this area with sand. Finally, cover the sand with a coarse aggregate, like gravel, to create your desired patio space.

Recycled pallets

Recycled wooden pallets can make a fine patio surface that is ideal for yoga. These are a bit forgiving and may be more comfortable if you are stretching and working out on your patio. Remove the grass or weeds from the area where you want your patio, and firmly set the pallets in place about two inches deep in the ground. Then, fill in the open spaces in the pallets with wooden slats from a hardware store.

There is something calming and serene about doing yoga outdoors, and a patio provides the perfect space to lay your yoga mat. Even if you don't care for yoga, there are some easy ways to enhance your property with a patio that may be possible in a weekend. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best supplies and materials for your job, while sticking to your desired budget.