How To Choose The Right Paint Sheen

So, you picked the perfect paint color and you think you just have to buy that color and start painting, right? Wrong. The paint sheen is just as important as choosing the paint color. If you choose the wrong sheen for your paint, you could end up hating the color or having a painted wall that damages easily.

The Different Types of Paint Sheen

First, you must know the different types of paint sheen. On one end of the spectrum is "high gloss," and on the other end is "flat," with several types in between the two.

High Gloss: This type of sheen has the most shine because it is the most reflective.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss has less shine than high gloss, which makes it one of the more popular sheen types.

Satin Paint: This paint is a step below semi-gloss in the shine department and is very long-lasting.

Eggshell: This type of sheen offers the lowest shine of all the paints but it is still durable.

Flat Sheen: This type of paint has no shine and reflects very little light and is not as long-lasting.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages for each paint sheen. For instance, a dark vibrant color generally doesn't look good with a high sheen. You need to use a lot of lighting with a dark room, and a high sheen will produce more of a glare than a low sheen. However, a higher sheen is great for elevated moisture areas such as bathrooms and it's a wonderful tool for accentuating architectural details and moldings.

A lower sheen paint works better on a wall that has a lot of defects. For example, an older house that has walls with uneven surfaces or spackle repairs would not look good with a high gloss paint. It would bring your eye straight to the imperfections on the wall whereas a flat paint would help hide the defects. The biggest disadvantage to a lower sheen is that it is not as slick, so it is difficult to clean.

When deciding on the perfect paint sheen, you must think about how much moisture is in the room, the shade of the color, and the condition of the surface. If you consider all these things when choosing your paint, you will be able to make the best decision for your color and room. For help from a professional, contact a general contractor such as Superior Buildings & Design Ltd for another opinion. Happy painting!