How To Create A Wonderful Deck For Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is such a great time to invite friends and family members over to your home! If your plans include hosting some informal parties, perhaps you are interested in creating a wonderful deck for outdoor entertaining. If so, here are some things for you to consider as you make your plans. 

A Large Deck - If you have the space, think about dividing your deck into sections that are divided by stairs that lead to different areas. 

  • One area would be perfect for an outdoor kitchen where you and your guests can prepare meals together.
  • Consider having another section for the actual meals and for visiting. Wrought iron, rustic wood and wicker are all great choices for the furniture that would be used in this section of the deck.
  • Finally, another section of the deck would be a good play place for children. Consider having small furniture and weather resistant shelves for storing games that will be used in the play area of the deck.

A Small Deck - If your space is limited, consider these suggestions for a good use of space.

  • Consider visually dividing a small cooking area by faux painting the wall to look like a kitchen. A Tuscan kitchen look or an old-fashioned kitchen would both be great choices.
  • Think about adding an attractive wooden railing to the eating area of the deck to further give the illusion of a division.
  • Rather than taking up a lot of space with furniture, consider including a table top as part of the design of the deck and use benches that will slide right under the table top. 

Deck Materials - Consider using more than one type of material to build your deck.

  • One idea is to use a combination of brick and stone in your design. Your contractor will be able to advise you on the colors that will complement each other. This combination would be especially suitable to a Tuscan look for your deck.
  • Wood with wrought iron accents would be a very dramatic look and would be reminiscent of Mexico or of the Southwestern United States. 
  • Brick and stone are all easy to care for and will last for a very long time. Wood is also an excellent choice. While it will also last a long time, you will probably have to stain it or paint it every few years.

Have fun planning a deck to enjoy with your family and friends.

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