Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

Life in Canada is good, particularly if you embrace the snow instead of dreading it. No matter how much you love the white stuff, you still have to have it removed from your sidewalks, driveways, and business parking lots. You may have decided that it's the right time to hire someone else to take care of this big job for you. Before you hire a snow removal contractor, you need to consider several factors.

Licensed and Insured

A lot of competent people make a few bucks every year by taking their snow plows and clearing snow. Unfortunately, many of them are not true professionals. If your home or business is damaged by an uninsured or unlicensed contractor, you may end up with a huge bill. Also, if an employee of the company is injured during the job, you can be held liable. Make certain that the business is professional and protected. 

Cost and Terms

You need to set clear terms for the snow removal company. First, find out if the price includes any amount of snow or if the price goes up depending on the amount of snowfall. You need to know if a foot or two of snow is going to break your budget. Also, make sure the amount you pay includes sidewalks and steps. You also need to know if snow removal will take place during a storm or only after the storm has ended. A storm can last several days, and you do not want to be trapped inside for all that time. Plus, your business needs to stay open, so a contractor who works during and after storms is your best bet. 

Snow Emergency Plan

Experienced snow removal contractors should have an emergency snow removal plan for blizzards or severe ice storms. Many contractors can handle the usual load of cold white stuff, but not all know how to handle the really serious weather events. Find out what type of contingency preparations they have made to make certain all their clients will be taken care of. 

Snow is a way of life in Canada, but having a reputable snow removal contractor on your payroll can make your life much easier in the winter months. If you are tired of trying to handle the job yourself, seek out qualified candidates as soon as possible. Make sure they are insured and certified and have plans in place to cover all emergencies.  

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