10 Steps To Take After Water Damage

After water damage occurs to your home, it is important that you take steps to minimize the damage until a professional restoration service arrives. Water damage can lead to a host of problems, including mold, and acting quickly is important. To help protect your home and its furnishings, here are some steps you can take until the pros arrive. 

  1. Put on safety equipment. While working to protect your home, it is important that you wear safety equipment. Each person assisting needs to wear puncture resistant gloves. 
  2. Place furniture on blocks. To help minimize damage to furniture, place it on blocks. Styrofoam blocks are ideal since they are able to withstand exposure to water. 
  3. Turn on air conditioner. If the water damage occurred during the summer months, turning on the air conditioner can help with the drying out process. 
  4. Remove excess water from flooring. The longer the water sits in place on your floor, the more damage it can do. Use mops to get up as much water as possible. 
  5. Shovel out mud. If there is mud in your home, use a shovel to remove it. 
  6. Move wet fabrics. Fabrics, such as upholstery and curtains, need to be moved out of the water damaged area so that they can start to dry. If not, they can be a haven for mildew. 
  7. Avoid using electrical components. Electrical components, such as your refrigerator, should not be used until your home is cleared by professionals. Turn off the supply to the appliances using the circuit breakers in the electric panel. 
  8. Inspect the ceilings. Check each room for water damage. If the ceiling is wet, avoid turning on the ceiling fans. You also need to stay clear of rooms that have a sagging ceiling. 
  9. Wash and disinfect the surfaces. Hot water and a household cleaner can help clean your home and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Use diluted bleach to disinfect each surface that you cleaned. 
  10. Place dishes and other glasses in disinfectant. If your dishes or other glass products were affected by the water damage, rinse them and place them in a disinfectant solution. After removing them, allow them to air dry. 

Even though you have contracted with a water damage restoration service, taking action immediately after the damage occurs can help reduce the damage to your home. Once the professionals arrive, they can take over and work to restore your home. 

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