Knowing When Hiring An Excavation Company May Be Necessary

There are many reasons you may need to hire an excavation services company to remove or change some terrain for you. Many times, excavating means removing soil and other materials, but working with a professional service is the best way to make sure the work is done right.

Site Preparation

One of the most common reasons to hire an excavation company is to prepare a new building site or another construction project. When you need to remove a lot of material to create a level pad or a subterranean basement area, hiring a company with experience with this kind of work can ensure that the job is done right and within the timeframe you need. 

Digging a hole for the basement is not all the company will do while working on the project. Typically they will remove the material, level the bottom of the hole, ensure the side walls are correct so that there is room for the basement walls, and haul the material away from the site if the contractor requests it. 

In some cases, the excavation company will work with the concrete contractor to help with additional digging for the forms needed to pour the footings. They may even dig the trenches on the site for power, electrical, and other utilities.

Rock and Boulder Removal

Another service often offered by an excavation company is rock and boulder removal from a site or piece of land. Many times, large rocks can present a problem, and they need to come out of the ground and be moved. Finding equipment big enough can be problematic, but a large excavator may be able to pull the rock free after removing soil around it. 

If the rock needs to be broken up before removing it, the excavation company can often use a jackhammer mounted to the excavator's arm and break sections off the rock, then remove it using the bucket and thumb attachment that allows the operator to lift large objects. A skilled excavation operator can lift the rocks from the hole and place them into the back of a dump truck so that a truck can haul the rock away. 

Large Stumps

Large tree stumps can be tough to get out of the ground, but an excavator has the reach and power to grab the stump from the back and pull the stump forward and up so that it comes out of the ground. While this is often not something that you think of when hiring an excavator company, it is a service they can provide, and often they are the only machines large enough to pull the stump and the roots competely out of the ground in one piece.